Home Improvement Assistance in Building on New Kitchen Cabinets- or Taking it All Down

The kitchen cabinets have always been an interesting place to develop and improve. For years, people were building their kitchen spaces around the cabinets. Everything was in service of the need for cabinet space, including where to allocate items and how to decorate.

It isn’t possible to add designs overtop of the cabinets. It isn’t possible to take away cabinets that are needed for storing this and that. No, the cabinet was the design.

A recent change in trends changed this entirely. Designers were just omitting the cabinets entirely, borrowing an open shelving design. This created the need for home improvement safely removing the already-present cabinets. This is a tough job, as it requires almost a completely rehaul of the kitchen. All the now open space needed to be accommodated with open shelves.

Interestingly, it seems the pendulum has swung back again. There is interest in thick and wooded cabinetry that has not been extensively popular for a number of years. The aesthetic virtues of cabinets are welcomed, using farmhouse style designs and “Old America” living for some renewed kitchen layouts.

Renewed Interest in Cabinetry

The trend up to now has clearly been open shelving. It is not entirely out, and likely won’t ever be. But, more and more designers are borrowing elements of nostalgic and farmhouse styled kitchens, and these designs included thick and wood cabinetry. Designers are adding beige colorations and light blue, which makes for a big and bold kitchen design.

Heavily cabineted kitchens have a very warm aesthetic. It is the opposite of the sterile, albeit functional, use of the open kitchen space. The color tones of cabinets can add a nice consistency to the kitchen décor, something that can’t be captured with open shelving. Open shelving can also lead to some cluttering habits.

A tricky part of cabinetry is the difficulty of installing it. Find a local provider for Home Improvement Help. It is not a solo effort. Whether bucking the trend and removing all the cabinets regardless of opinion or adding new cabinets in the space, home improvement tactics can make sure it is all done safe and sound.